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Child Dedication Parent's Committments

The following are the biblical charges that will be asked of the parents and congregation during the ceremony:

1. Do you recognize that your child is a gift from God, and do you purpose to demonstrate your gratitude through your thoughts, words and actions toward your child?

2. Do you choose to bring your child up in the training and instruction of the Lord?

3. Do you acknowledge your need for God’s blessing to give you power, to guide you, and to protect your child?

4. Do you choose to give your child the benefit of Biblical fellowship in the local church through learning God’s word, participation in ministry, and the example of others?

5. Do you now this day whole-heartedly dedicate your child to the Lord, along with your hopes and desires for him or her?

6. Do you as family, friends, and church members pledge to encourage these parents and their children as they seek to know and serve the Lord Jesus Christ?