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New Series: Love Overboard

Dear Grace Community Family, I know for many in our church, this week officially began the close of one season and the start of a new one. Students (and teachers) in our church are heading back to school, homeschool families are getting to ready to “start school” and our college students are settling into their dorms and/or getting ready for their classes to b...

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Tragedy in our Country

Church Family, We continue to watch great evil, injustice, hatred, and bloodshed before our very eyes. We have witnessed via video the killing of two black men killed by police officers in Baton Rouge and Falcon Heights. And now, our eyes have witnessed the evil ambush of police officers in Dallas leading to more death and injury. As God's people, it is good and necessary...

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Many Americans awoke from their Independence Day weekend to read that yet another African-American man had been shot and killed by police. On Tuesday Alton Sterling was confronted by police while selling music CDs outside a convenience store in Baton Rogue. A video posted to social media shows Sterling apparently pinned to the ground by two police officers, before gunshots...

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Prayer for Orlando

Dear Grace Community, I personally regret the fact that I did not become aware of the Orlando shooting until after our Sunday Gathering was over or we would have taken time to pray as a church for the victims’ families. So, let's pray now for those directly impacted by this violence. Let's pray for our gay and lesbian neighbors who are likely scared. Let's also pray...

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GCC Text Number

410-618-1010 – the new Grace Community Church Text Number! Well, you’ve probably noticed by now that we have implemented a new text system for our guests during the Sunday Gathering. This new system not only provides a quick and simple way for new people to connect with us but it also allows us a more effective way to connect with them. Once they text the word...

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