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GCC Text Number

410-618-1010 – the new Grace Community Church Text Number!

Well, you’ve probably noticed by now that we have implemented a new text system for our guests during the Sunday Gathering. This new system not only provides a quick and simple way for new people to connect with us but it also allows us a more effective way to connect with them. Once they text the word "welcome" to 410-618-1010 we will automatically send out information about the church and ways for them to get connected if they are interested. The bottom line is, Jesus is doing so much in and through us as a body of believers, that we want to provide a simple and effective way for new folks to connect. Our very mission as church to "make disciples of all peoples" compels us to excel in reaching out to new people.

As time goes on we will be using this form of communication to serve the entire church body (not just our guests) to easily sign up for events and other ministry activities. You would simply text the word we assign to a particular event on your smart phone, and within seconds, you would be able to sign up for that event on your phone. Once a person is signed up, we will send out helpful reminders and other important information related to that activity automatically so everyone is on the same page. The cool thing is, you can do this at anytime or anyplace which is perfect when you’re inviting a friend or co-worker to something at Grace Community. Please note, we will not be sending out lots of texts and e-mails. The goal is to be helpful, not annoying. A person always has the option of unsubscribing if they are no longer interested.

To make sure you can easily access this new way of signing up for things on your smart phone just add 410-618-1010 to your contacts as the "GCC text #". Obviously, we understand that there are people in our church who do not have smart phones. Please know that our heart is not to leave you out or "pressure you" into getting a smart phone. We love and value you and will continue to provide other ways like the "orange Welcome Card" where you can easily stay connected and request information.
If you have any questions or concerns about this or any other area of the church, please don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail at I always love hearing from you!

Grateful for each of you!