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Summer Discipleship Classes

Summer Discipleship Classes

Grow DEEP in your faith and WIDE in your outreach!


Steps To Freedom

Jesus said in John 8.32 "you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. As we reconcile and realign our lives more fully with God's truth we experience more of the freedom Jesus promises in this verse. Using Neal Anderson's, The Steps to Freedom; materials this class walks you through a personal spiritual evaluation of seven key areas of life with the intent of helping you identify and address things in your past and present that are causing spiritual conflicts and misalignment with the truth. As you make choices to realign these areas more closely with God and his truth you will experience more of the freedom Jesus intends for us as his people.

Cost/Materials required:  None (all required materials will be provided for you)

Schedule: Thursdays from 7/12 through 8/9, 6:45—8:45

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The Kairos Course

Kairos is a part of the Perspectives Family that will equip each attendee with a vision of equipping Christians for participation in the Great Commission. Kairos offers a unique approach using a variety of learning styles. This course, experienced by Christians worldwide, has been helping people to gain a better understanding of God’s heart for missions and the world.  You’ll learn about Missions from Biblical, Historical, Strategic, and Cultural perspective. The course will be limited to 25 people—high school age and older. For more info, contact Brandie at

Cost/Materials required:  $100 (for class materials, outside speakers, and food (scholarships available)

Schedule: 7/8 (2-5:15PM), 7/10 (6-8:30PM), 7/11 (6-8:30PM), 7/12 (6-8:30PM), 7/15 (2-5PM), 7/16 (6-8:30PM), 7/17 (6-8:30PM), 7/18 (5:45—9:15PM), 7/21 (9AM—3PM) 

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